About Mexican Flower Trading

Quality, Freshness, Value with a little shake of something unexpected, this is what we’re known for, and what we consistently strive for. We have quietly been combining the best of what the world has to offer in cut flowers, including locally grown blooms and bringing it all together here in our locations in Ontario and Quebec for nearly 40 years! Our product is fresh, creative bouquets delivered on demand direct to our retail partners all over Ontario and Quebec.

Made in Canada Advantage

With a history over 40 years in the making, and generations of experience right here in Canada supporting and building the floral industry our long-term customer relationships speak volumes
about our commitment to continually improve, and not rely on just one source for the best product- but to stream line the global industry right into our backyard with panache.

Global Groundwork for Success

If you’re tied to the ground, you’ll always come up covered in mud. Unlike an individual produce supplier, a Floral supplier should be celebrated for their variety, vibrance, and the creativity in each bouquet. Not being tied to any country of origin or being forced to back fill our bouquets with whatever our “associated farm” has to clear out, means we can pick the best from our hundreds of supplier partner farms in Canada, the US, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Holland, Australia, and Costa Rica – and we’re always open to NEW origins, like Africa, Israel and Thailand.

Made Fresh, On Demand

When a bouquet is made at the farm, that means it was made 10 days before it even shows up in store, and a lot can change in 10 days- especially in fresh things. Our bouquets are made
here and delivered almost immediately to our retail partners. We don’t keep weeks of inventory, and we order what we need as we need it, continuously refreshing with daily inbound trucks from all over the world. This isn’t a prepacked salad; this is bistro cuisine.

The Team: Our Bouquet Makers

All our bouquet makers are on site and are dedicated to creating a well framed and spaced bouquet- choosing complimenting colors and keeping all flowers as fresh as possible.  Like all Canadians, they come from a diverse background and their cultural input helps keep us at the top of our game for meeting our customers expectations.

The Team: Our Delivery Team

Dropping off in Direct Store Delivery is our specialty in the GTHA-  we cover a large footprint from Niagara Falls, London, up to Newmarket and all the way out west to Cobourg.  We deliver our product in specially equipped and insulated trucks, and as most of our product never sees the inside of a plastic bag or cardboard box, the freshness and quality is notably far above industry norms.   Beyond that we can arrange logistics to warehouses within this area or help you make freight forwarding arrangements to get our product further.

Led by Mark, our director of distribution, each member of our delivery team is trained in floral care, and they take pride in delivering product in the best condition possible.  They can also become experts in supplying your store with the type/colors of mixed bouquets that work best for you. 

The Team: Our Creative Team

There are many aspects to bouquet making that go beyond slapping some stems together and upc’ing it- and our creative team, lead by Shannon get that.   We regularly adjust color tones, make custom dye colors and seek out what is new and exciting to keep our bouquets looking fresh.  Most recently our creative team built some of our Holiday bouquets with periwinkle blue and a dusty rose- which turned out to be the Pantone color of the year 2016- but we weren’t even surprised.  Our motto is “WIBI”  “Would I buy It?”,  if amongst our diverse bouquet maker and creative team the consensus is “no”, we don’t make it. Period.  If no one would buy it- why sell it?