Frequently asked questions

Where are my flowers from?
  • Canada (Ontario & BC), USA (Florida & California), Columbia, Peru, Ecuador, South Africa, Holland and Costa Rica
  • Most common flower: Chrysanthemum
  • GROWN IN ONTARIO & Used in our bouquets: Asiatic Lily, Oriental Lily, Large Gerbera, Mini Gerbera, Snap Dragons, Lisianthus, Celosia, Sunflowers, Alstroemeria, Millet, Setoria, Euphorbia, Privet, Chrysanthemum, Freesia, and More!
Bouquet care

Recommended care instructions for a bouquet of our mixed flowers.

Some flowers are more sensitive than others to damage caused by being out of water. Hydrangea for example is very sensitive. Make every effort to reduce the time that cut flowers are out of floral food to maximize their life. For example, use an exterior floral sleeve around your bouquet to protect your blooms, and wrap the stems in a damp paper towel filled with floral food and cover with a small plastic bag. But, once you get home

•  Clean your floral vase
•  Prepare appropriate flower food according to package.
•  Cut all flower stems quickly 2-3 cm from the bottom
•  Arrange flowers in your vase filled with flower food.

Repeating these steps every couple of days, or when you notice the water is no longer clear, is also an excellent idea to prolong their life.

We use Chrysal products for all our bouquets.  We hydrate our shipped flowers in Chrysal solutions and ship our roses in Chrysal‘s RosePro solution.  Our Flower food that comes with each bouquet is manufactured by Chrysal and helps cut flowers have a longer vase life.

How is my bouquet made?

The bouquets are made in our Mississauga production facility, where we receive flowers daily from all over the world. Every morning, our skilled bouquet makers go into our warehouse sized cooler and select the flowers they need to make their bouquets for the day. They arrange their flowers in front of them in small piles, and carefully arrange them by hand into the bouquet that will eventually brighten up your home. Some bouquet companies produce their bouquets in South America, sending them in a dry box to Canada, and/or use a conveyor belt, or machine to make your bouquet, resulting in a flat but identical bouquet- and reducing their labour costs. Not us. We use skilled floral bouquet makers here in Canada, who hand tie each bouquet, resulting in a better end product with some variation, and improved body to each bouquet.

Who picks what goes into my bouquet?

The short answer to this is The Bouquet Maker herself – but the long answer is a little more complicated.
Since we buy flowers locally and from all over the world, we build our bouquets based on the best of the global availability. When agapanthus comes into season in Mexico, you’ll see agapanthus in our bouquets. When the Calla lilies locally bloom, we’ll incorporate them into our bouquets. Some items grow without stop year round, carnations, alstroemeria , chrysanthemums, Eucalyptus and Lilies for example – these staples are consistent, high quality, long lasting flowers – and therefore often form the base for our design.

We are very fortunate to be located near the Niagara escarpment and a large group of Ontario flower growers, so, we can also source a lot of our flowers locally. Locally sourced product is often the highest quality, and supports the Canadian economy, so, it’s a win-win for us, and for you, and for all Canadians!